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Design Process

We provide comprehensive design solutions for your home: spatial planning, furniture design, material selection, furniture selection, lighting. We take time to understand your needs so as to provide our opinions and give appropriate advise.​

We do not use an in-house contractor, therefore we provide our services at a flat fee and we do not profit from contracting works. This keeps our dealings transparent and neutral.

1. Understand

Our design process starts with us understanding your every need and your preferences of styles and materials.

2. Context

We then proceed to study the context and environment of the space, and try fit your needs into the space, providing design solutions.

3. Design

Only then, we proceed to design and create a space that is customised to your needs. This will include drawings and renderings for your review.

4. Quote

After the design is finalised, we will then proceed to request for quotes from contractors and decide on one that suits you the best.

5. Construct

Aswe are not associated with the contractors, we are in a position to supervise the construction process.

Cost & Environment

Throughout the process, we will always bear in mind the cost and the environment.

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