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Design Considerations

In this ​feature, we share about our considerations when designing this particular 4-Room HDB unit. It also allows you to understand our thought process for you to know us better.

Cascadia Case Study



This 4-Room HDB unit comes with a balcony and it is situated in the Main Bedroom. However, after some deliberation, we have decided to do a radical change; to shift our living room space into the Main Bedroom as the occupants would most likely spend more time enjoying the balcony than if it is inside the bedroom (the view from the balcony is great too). This brings us to the decision to have the living room at the Main Bedroom space.



We wanted a very well ventilated house and having the living room with balcony at the other end of the house ensures that the whole house is cross ventilated from end to end, instead of having a bedroom at the end where windows are closed majority of the time. We also added 5 ceiling fans in total, saving some floor space.



The kitchen wall was removed to allow more ventilation as well as to create a more spacious dining area. This ensures that the kitchen, dining and living areas are connected visually, great for large gatherings. The design of the kitchen cabinets were given special attention due to it's short length, ensuring that it does not look cluttered. Clean lines and light coloured laminates were chosen.



We then used the other two bedrooms of the unit as the Master Bedroom. Instead of knocking the whole wall down, to minimise cost and also to provide enough wall space, we just knocked 800mm of the wall, enough to walk between the rooms. In this way, we have enough wall space for the bedroom and the wardrobe room. The door is placed between the two rooms, creating a more open plan for both rooms and appearing more accessible.


Minimal work is done in the toilets, but just by adding well designed lighting strategies, we can totally change the mood of the toilets.


Extensive cove or pelmet lighting is chosen to give the unit a soft touch, providing a hotel-isque feel in all areas. Track lighting is added to give highlights to specific attention areas, such as art works or feature walls.


We had to ensure that the renovation costs less than $22,000. The design had to be very well thought of and we minimised the amount of construction and carpentry work, instead focused more on the overall concept and atmosphere of the unit. We ensured that every dollar spent is maximised in its value and adds significantly to the overall design concept of the unit.

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